Friday, December 7, 2007

He only said it ONCE!!

George Phodopolopolis lamented this morning on GMA that Mitt Romney only mentioned the word "Mormon" once in his speech regarding his faith yesterday. Riddle me this, George: Are you telling me that if he said "Mormon" one hundred times that it wouldn't have been alarming to you as well? What's next, counting the times he says "Jesus"? George would flip out if he said "Jesus" twice or two hundred times. Twice would not be enough, as to try and upset his religious viewers, and two hundred would be too many times as to rile up the atheists watching his report.

You must remember that one the main reasons TV reporters do what they do is to get a rise out of their audience as easily as possible. Since "Mormon" only popped out once yesterday, the "Mitt is embarrassed of being a Mormon" angle is the easiest narrative to portray. If the speech was peppered wit the word "Mormon", George Phodopolopolis would be spinning the tale that Mitt is obviously planning to convert the U.S. population as a whole over to Mormonism. The media is scum, and this incident on GMA shows you why.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Developing story my ASS!

Yesterday evening at aprox. 5:15 PM, CNN had a "developing story". What could it have been? Plane crash? Political resignation? NOPE. Don "Skeletor-Puss" Imus starting his first day back on the air is considered a "developing story" at CNN. How the F#%k is something that was known about for months, and that took place 10 hours before a "developing story"? Just one more reason CNN is trusted less than the town child molester.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Diane hard at work

If you are a viewer if GMA, you probably have figured out by now that Diane Sawyer is a complete moron. I hate to say it because she seems like she is a really nice woman. The kind of person that you would like to have as a neighbor. However, she should NOT be asking people questions on TV, especially if she wants to be taken seriously.

The latest example of this happened today when she interviewed a couple that was aboard a cruise ship that sank in the chilly waters of the Antarctic. The female passenger was describing her ordeal when Diane interrupted and asked her if she thought about the movie “Titanic”? Are you friggin kidding me? This woman is wondering if she and her husband are going to drown in freezing water, and Diane asks if she had visions of Leo DiCaprio. What a dunce!